Kamis, 18 April 2013

My Holiday

 Puncak, Bogor is famous with many interesting sights. In addition to the scenery of hills or mountains green eyes always spoil. Cold air atmosphere also be attractive added value. It lies still makes peak Jabodetabek region as a bustling tourist spot.

The congestion that occursat thepeak, because thecharm ofPuncak,Bogor, West Java, which iscoolandcool,it stillremains afavoritetourist sitesin additiontoBandung. The rain thatwaspouringPeakmakemorecongestionbecausevehiclesdo notdare tobespeeding.Estimateddensityincreasesup tothreedaysaheaduntil theend ofthe holiday period.

Met with the friends in college is always a special thing for me. Our current study fills time with a visit stricken off certain areas, either visited the house of a friend who is far away from the urban bustle or even been in one of the cool, beautiful and peaceful rural setting yet is one of the routines that never missed. when it is the time where all tired uninstalled, all workloads and work left for a moment to relax your mind and body just pamper the body or whatever his name.

Jakarta people who used to spend his weekend summit on vacation, the usual story I heard on television that the road to the summit should "Open Close" because of the dense lines that will visit that place. ya ..it was known to the peak, which is located in the Bogor area known as the cool and peaceful atmosphere. Peak time Ciloto - Bogor became our destination.

Encounter such as this has always been a distinct impression for me, there are things that become an important part of life that can be expressed and reflection to move forward again. Friend or even a brother, are those who present us when his life amid love and grief. miss each other and support each other to be better. and sometimes ties it could no longer provide the current distance apart, but it gives a very close proximity hearts through their longing.

Enough of my holiday story, thank you J

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